Stamped Easter Chocolate Sugar Cookies

As promised, today I will sharing my stamped cookies. Stamping cookies is an easy and fast cookie decorating technique, but still delivers a "wow."

To stamp cookies, I just take a black food pen/marker, and color/fill in the rubber stamps with it. Then I gently press each stamp onto the dry royal icing base. I broke a couple cookies from too much pressure. =[ My husband ate all the mistakes.

I usually just stamp the cookies and add some royal icing accents on flowers, or dots where needed. Today, I wanted to try something new. I wanted to paint on the cookies.

I painted all 4 cookies. Well, paint seems misleading. I "painted" each cookie with petal/color dust. So technically, I dusted each cookie. I even made my own colors. I didn't own orange dust, so I mixed yellow and red dust together. I couldn't believe the orange came out so nice. Now I can buy less dust colors. Woot.

See this Easter bunny above? I tried being artistic and do shading. I'm not even sure if my shading is scientifically accurate. I'm not an artist. =/ But it looks pretty, so I went with it!

I hope you enjoy the cookies. They took a long time to "paint." Tomorrow, I will be posting more Easter cookies for you!

These cookies are chocolate sugar cookies. Here is the recipe to them. You can find more Easter cookies there too!


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