Valentine's Day Cake, Cookies, and Cake Pops

I made a 2 tiered cake, several sugar cookies, and about a dozen and a half cake pops for my husband's co-workers this week.

Back of the cake:

That fondant ruffle edge or cap on top of the first tier was pretty fun to make. It was my first time making anything ruffle, and I decided to do a ruffle top.

I have a tutorial on how to make the fondant roses here: Fondant Roses Tutorial

I love birds. They are my favorite animal. Recently, I'm beginning to like owls. So here is a cupid owl. I have other Valentine's day cookie designs on my camera still, to be posted after valentine's day.

Cake pops in a bouquet.

Baptism and Birthday Cake, Cookies, and Cake Pops

So the big order I was working on this week was finished yesterday. It was quite enjoyable making every thing, and I actually didn't freak out or stress at all during the process.

I was given 4 photos, and I had to replicate the 2 cakes, 3 dozen cookies, and 3 dozen cake pops to match the photos. So I didn't make any of the designs, just merely replicate.

Here is the baptism / christening cake:

Front of Cake

Back of Cake

The birthday cake design I had to replicate isn't my favorite. I think the top tier is kinda boring, I would improve it if I were the designer. I think the silhouette of cookie shapes on the top tier is ugly.

Here is the birthday cake:

Front of Cake

Back of Cake

I had to make 3 dozen cake pops, in 3 different designs. I did not have difficulty dipping them, because I learned about a new ingredient that makes the chocolate thin. It's called paramount crystals. They are my new best friends.

I posted about the cookies already, but here they are again.

Baptism Christening Sugar Cookies

So the big order I was talking about last week has finally commenced. I finished the 3 dozen cookies yesterday, so I thought I would share those with you first before I get busy for the rest of the order.

These cookies are for a baptism/christening event this weekend. The 2 cakes and 3 dozen cake pops will be made tomorrow and Thursday. I'm working on the little decorations that will go on these cakes today. Excited, but nervous about Thursday night. I could be pulling an all nighter =/

If you want a full picture tutorial on how to make the sheep, leave a comment below. The sheep was pretty fun to make. I will make a tutorial if people really want it. A tutorial for the sheep can be found here.

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