Penguins on a Cookie - Christmas Cookie Tutorial

Another one of the designs I went for this Christmas. I love penguins. I think they are cute, and so adorable. They fit in with the winter theme so nicely, and they look cute on cookies.

They were a great hit among my friends, for how cute they are. You can make the same ones too by following my picture tutorial!

Lets get started.

1. Using royal icing, pipe an outline around a round cookie, and flood it immediately with white icing. Let that dry for 24 hours.

2. Pipe the shape of the penguin on the cookie. Let that dry for 24 hours, do not skip the drying part, otherwise the black will bleed into the white icing. Don't fill in the belly yet.

3. After drying for 24 hours or more, fill in the belly of the penguin. Let that dry for 16 hours.

4. Pipe a blue scarf across the penguin's body. Pipe the part of the hat. Let dry for 15 minutes.

5. Pipe the first dangling part of the scarf. Use a toothpick to drag out fringes for the scarf. Pipe the feet. Let dry 6 hours.

6. Pipe the second part of the dangling scarf. Eyes, mouth, and rest of the hat.

7. You're done. Let dry overnight before packaging.


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