Carrot Cupcakes with Flower Fondant Decorations

I've made carrot cupcakes before. I have also made fondant roses and flowers. I  have never combined them together, so here goes!

I think it turned out ok. This is the first project, although small, I did after moving to Northern California. My new oven is slow at preheating, and never reaches the correct temperature until 20 minutes after it says it did. So I got an oven thermometer to be safe.

I made these cupcakes for my husband's new co-workers. Most of them are men, so this is kinda girly, but I felt like making flowers. So this is what they are going to get!

So, since I have made both carrot cupcakes and fondant flowers. Here are the links to them if you feel adventurous and want to try this project out!

I hope you have fun making either of the recipes.

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